“A proven worklist solutions for hospitals, clinics, specialist and imaging centers."

iCare360 DICOM Worklist Server is a proven DICOM Modality Worklist (MWL) solution for hospitals, specialist centers and imaging centers. It allows the radiographer to select the study directly from the modality (e.g. imaging machine), thus eliminating the need to reenter patient data. This not only saves time, it prevents critical data entry errors and improves overall efficiency and reliability.

iCare360 DICOM Worklist has been tested and validated against a wide variety of major modalities vendor.

Integrates via HL7 or any customize integration module

We can customise our integration module if HL7 integration is not possible for your current system. The integration can be in database direct query, XML files, text file and any other ways that fit your environment.

Eliminate Redundant Data Entry

Your radiographers no longer need to manually enter the patients' data and the procedures as it can be obtained from the registration system directly with our seamless integration.

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

Your radiographers can save on the data entry time and spend more time in their work.

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